Lone worker app

Nurses that do home visits should use a lone workers app to help them remain safe. What is this type of app? If you want to find out what is is, as well as why nurses should download it, then read the rest of this article.

What Is A Lone Workers App

A lone worker app is a smartphone app that is designed for workers who spend time on the job alone. Nurses are a prime example of such workers. Many nurses spend time at their patients' homes, and they go to the homes alone. What this app does is provide nurses and other lone workers with a way to protect themselves. The way it works is simple, there's a panic button that they can press. When it's touched, then it will be known that the user is in some sort of danger and needs help right away.

Extra information about lone worker app

As for why nurses that do home visits should use the app, there's a number of reasons. These reasons will be discussed below.

Working Late Is Sometimes Unsafe

Nurses often go to clients' homes late at night and while there they may be placed in potential danger. This is especially the case if the home is located in an unsafe part of town. If a nurse is heading to a home at night, then they can use the app to check-in with their employer, which will let them know that the nurse has made it to the home. Check-in periods can be set, too.

They Work With A Vulnerable Group

A nurse that works with people in their homes sometimes work with a vulnerable group. If a person is vulnerable, then someone with ill intentions may take notice and decide to commit a crime, such as robbery or burglary. If a nurse is there when it happens, then they can use the app to get help. However, sometimes patients can be the ones who give nurses a hard time. Regardless if it's a patient or a stranger who is making the nurse feel like they are in danger, the app can get them the help they need.

New Patients Bring Uncertainty

Brand new patients can bring a degree of uncertainty. A nurse may have never met the patient, so they don't know what kind of personality they have. Also, they don't know if the patient's family members will be there when they arrive. An app designed for lone workers gives the nurse peace of mind knowing that if she is in danger, she can quickly get help with just a push of a button. The chances are new patients are harmless, but all it takes is one angry patient to make a nurse feel like her life is in danger.

Unfortunately, anything can happen in today's world. Nurses that go to patients' homes should take all the precaution they can. One of the best forms of protection is a lone worker app. If you're a nurse or knows a nurse who does home visits, then encourage them to download the app today.